American History 1

Kaycee Brakefield

5 Important people

  1. John Locke- English Philosopher, Natural Rights
  2. John Peter Zenger- Journalist and newspaper editor, published stories in paper about corruption
  3. George Washington- First president of the United States, established the expectation of two terms
  4. Thomas Jefferson- Third president of the United states, Responsible for Louisiana Purchase
  5. John Quincy Adams- Established foreign policy

5 Important Places

1. Jamestown, Virginia- First successful colony

2. Prince William County, Virginia- Battle of Bull Run (1st major battle)

3. Hardin County, Tennessee- Battle of Shiloh (Bloodiest battle)

4. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania- Battle of Gettysburg (biggest battle)

5. Appomattox courthouse, Virginia- Surrender of the South

5 Important Inventions

1. The Telegraph-Revolutionized long-distance communication invented by Samuel Morse

2. Bifocals- Glasses invented by Benjamin Franklin

3. Cotton Gin- Separated seeds from cotton invented by Eli Whitley

4. Minie Ball- Soft led bullet invented by Claude-Etienne

5. Colt .45- Firearm the cowboys preferred, invented by Samuel Colt

5 Important Conflicts

1. Intolerable Act- Punishment to Massachusetts for a tea party

2. Proclamation Act-No settlements west of the Appalachian Mountains

3. Stamp Act-Tax on printed materials

4. Townshend Act- Taxes to raise revenue to pay for Gov. and Judges

5.Tea Act- Put taxes on tea and controlled who they bought it from