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Electronic Billing Solutions: Real Virtual

I have been running cardboard tube manufacturing plant during the West Midlands for a couple of decades, i have only recently started using electronic invoicing. I felt it was necessary to help clarify how it differs, and how it might help your organisation or firm, as some old-school business women and men might be very attached to the old fashioned paper invoices.

Manufacturing cardboard tubes is a thing which is still done here in great britan; for the reason that even China cannot export them cheaply, on account of storage costs (empty tubes are light but essentially no efficient using of space). The business is doing very well, but more recently I found that the paper involving I was carrying out was becoming over complicated - so that's why I turned to electronic invoicing.

My secretary was simply too overworked, always surrounded by piles of paper; I was thinking, I can't put her through this - I need to see what modern technology is able to do concerning it. So I started investigating the possibility of electronic invoicing, and how it could be used to streamline our business.

"Oh I'm not sure,"said my old secretary with caution. She was highly skilled at sending out the invoices and organizing financial aspects of the business, but she didn't like new technology. However I eventually persuaded her to try it; I needed to assure she was in agreement as she is definitely an valuable member of they.

So, i started looking around for a suitable company that offered the kind of electronic invoicing that I required. After some hunting on the web, I eventually found one. After being given the full tutorial (both me and my secretary) we soon got the hang of this. It will be basically software that organizes your invoices and generates a PDF which you can send to those who owe serious cash.

After weeks of trying electronic invoicing, we both warmed on the process considerably. The lack of paper in the office was astonishing, although i know it's kind of obvious. Now my secretary incorporates a comparably uncluttered desk, and she has learned make use of the program to your very high level (she was always computer literate, but this time she was way more so).

A good thing is not surprisingly the fact that the work is easier for my secretary and we also no more have to count on post to acquire out invoices sent. It is a significantly more efficient process. It suited our business because we do send out a lot of invoices; electronic invoicing might not be suitable for every business, but it is certainly worth looking into if, like us, you experienced undue levels of paper cluttering up your desk.

Real Virtual is highly proficient in the playing field of electronic invoicing, having started with all the system in the own firm.