michael jackson



Hi! my name is Michal Jackson. I lived in a small house and I had 3 sisters and 5 brothers.I had a mom and a dad two.

Birth and family

I was born on August 29th, 1958 and I lived in a very small house with all my brothers and sisters.. I had a mom and a dad too. There names are Katherine and Joseph. I loved to play music. We used to dance to it. I was born in Gary Indana.

Childhood & Education

I joined my brothers in The Jackson 5, our family band, when I was 5 years old. My dad was a very strict man. He made me and my brothers practice for hours. If we messed up he was very mean. We travelled all around playing in clubs. Everything was so important to me because I was so busy. I was so young that I didn't get to go to school like a normal kid, so I had tutors who taught me.

College & Career

In 1979 I released my own album, Off the Wall and became the most famous music star of them all. My 2nd album, Thriller was very scary in the video. Thriller was the most top seller ever and I won 8 Grammys. I had many more famous songs. I was a great example for kids.

Accomplishments & Leadership

Even though I won a lot of awards for music, I loved most helping people. I gave lots of money, with my heart, to lots of charities. In 1985 I put together a group of famous singers and we sang, We Are The World. It raised money for the people in Africa that had diseases.

Why I think he's a leader

I think he's a leader because he's a caring person. He changed peoples lives.

His top seller had thousands of views.

USA for Africa - We are the World