Lindsey Graham

by: Alex Hood

Keystone Pipeline

Pros: creates lots of jobs all across America, helps the general economy, global gas prices decrease

Cons: some people think it will harm the environment

minimum wage increase

pros: might increase standard of living for those on minimum wage, but that is mainly teenagers

cons: businesses will increase the cost of things so they can keep making a profit so it wont really increase the standard of living, people will be fired so businesses can keep costs low, automated machines will become even more popular

Lindsey Graham Biography

born in south carolina

Went to University of South Carolina, degree in psychology then law

in the airforce

house of rep 95-03

now in senate

Lindsey Graham General Platform


voted against same sex marriage

pro- gun rights

wants to balance the budget

on the pipeline and minimum wage increase

for the pipeline

against minimum wage increase

will they be issues when he runs for re election?

he is running for re election this year, so both issues will be debated during his campaign.