About lacewings


Lacewings have very delicate wings for flying. A long and thin abdomen covered in fine hairs . Lacewings a small and flexible with big eyes. They have big legs covered in fine hair and a forhead covered in silk fine hairs.


Lacewings eat ahids , eggs and plants. What is weird about them they also eat other lacewings.


Lacewing's predators are bats , spiders , reptials and amphibians.


You can find lacewings in grasslands , tropical forests , farmlands and temperate forests . They live in the grass with other aphids.


Lacewings are not good fliers . when they eat then they cover them selves with the crumbs and camouflage. They lay oval eggs and are carnivores.


Lacewings have very colourfull wings . Their wings are transparent. Ant lions are related to lacewings and sometimes get mistaken by dragon flies.

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