By Sophie Shabaz


PERSERVERANCE is not giving up when the going gets tough. Lorenzo and Oscar from Spare Parts, Keevan from The Smallest Dragonrider, Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg the violinist,

Nick Vujicic, and Espen from Shadow on the Mountain, all demonstrate perseverance. This newsletter shows readers how people are faced with adversities attempt to overcome them.

Lorenzo Vs. Keevan (Compare And Contrast)

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Oscar Vasquez (Description)

According to the book Spare Parts by Joshua Davis, Oscar Vasquez was in the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps program at Carl Hayden Community High School. After doing the program for a while he decided to enlist into the army. He went to the recruit center to enlist, but when the man asked for his birth certificate oscar said he didn't have one, the man told that he couldn’t join the army because he was an illegal immigrant in the U.S.. But Oscar didn't YIELD. One example of Oscar not giving up is when he decided to go to college at Arizona State and graduated. After graduating he decided to stop hiding, he was resolved and ready. He decided to go back to Mexico and apply for legal residency in the U.S. He went straight to the bulletproof window of the consulate window in Mexico and told the man he would like to apply for legal U.S. residency, the man asked if he was previously living in the U.S illegally, Oscar didn't want to be IDLE so he told the truth, the man said his residency was denied. Oscar didn’t give up, he spent months in Mexico, unable to return to the United States, but after nearly a year in Mexico a woman came to Mexico and told Oscar that he was being given residency to the U.S.. After that Oscar was able to finally join the army, after years of PERSISTENCE Oscar finally achieved his life long goal.

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg (Cause and Effect)

When Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg started playing the violin she wouldn’t want to play it and wouldn’t bring it to her practices. When she was older and played more she kept on thinking that it was too OVERWHELMING and she felt INADEQUATE and tried to kill herself, because the gun was jammed it didn't go off. As a result Nadja did not die, that moment changed her life because if that gun had gone off properly she would have been gone and she wouldn’t have been one of the best violinists that people have ever seen. After that she PERSEVERED dispite the difficulties and became a better violinist.

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Nick Vujicic (Sequence)

Nick faced a lot of ADVERSITIES when he was growing up, and now. Nick couldn’t do any physical activities because he didn’t have any legs/feet, he couldn’t grab anything because he didn’t have any arms/hands. But that didn’t stop him, he tried things that he thought he would never be able to do. Nick was born with Phocomelia, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of legs and arms. As a child, he FALTERED mentally, emotionally and physically, but eventually came to terms with his disability. After he came to terms he started to give motivational speeches worldwide which focus on living with disabilities and finding hope and meaning in life, to VENTURE out and try new things.

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Espen/Erling Storrusten (Problem And Solution)

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All of theses people have demonstrated perseverance. They have dealt with adversities and have overcome them. They overcome them with the help of friends and family.