Owl-tober Events Continue!

October Birthdays in the Suite and Our Monthly Potluck!

Celebrating Our October Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to:

Courtney Brown - Student Center Operations GMC Grad Extern

Lauren Bullock - Leadership Development

Kaitlyn Howarth -Student Center Operations

Miss Chris - Student Activities

Witch's Brew! Sweets and Treats Potluck

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 3-4:30pm

219M Conference Room

Bring your Favorite Fall or Halloween Treat to share!

Witch's Brew! Sweets and Treats Potluck

Join us in the 219M Conference Room for some Witch's Brew and Fall Treats! Also, take a trip around the Suite to collect some treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. The event will take place in the Suite on Tuesday, October 27th! Please feel free to bring your favorite Fall treat to share with the everyone! (no sign up required)

Have you been BOOed Yet?

Don't forget..... There's a ghost making his way around the Suite and the 3rd floor!! Please be sure to keep him moving so everyone has a chance to get BOOed before the end of October! Thanks for your participation.
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