UCAS Update

September 25, 2020

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Administrative Message

Dear UCAS Parents:

First of all, we need to tell you what a pleasure it is to teach, and to have your students attend UCAS. We are continually impressed with the caliber of individuals who apply to and come.

Next, we want to communicate to you that we are aware of many of the challenges you are facing with a national pandemic, economic concerns, and individual family needs, just to name a few.

We believe one important way students can develop security, confidence and success is through academic achievement. We applaud you for teaching your children the value and importance of education, and for seeking to advance themselves through early college participation and engagement.

Now, for the difficult part of this message:

We are seeing many of our students struggling academically. Our low achievement lists are atypically high. The purpose of this email is to raise your level of awareness and concern, as a parent, and to encourage you to help your student set up a structured routine for the "at home" school days. Our normal school day goes from 9-4pm Monday through Friday. Because of Covid, we are only able to see your student two days per week. The expectation is that students are completing a school day at home for three days of the week, for 6 hours each day. Students who do not put in this time and effort will find they are not able to pass their classes, nor receive the college credit for their CE classes.

Our hybrid schedule was selected as a method to allow for some flexibility and social distancing that is required with Covid-19. It has some disadvantages, as well, because doing school work online requires increased focus, dedication, and discipline from students.

Please take the time this week to have your student show you how they are doing in each class, by opening their Canvas or Google Classroom account, and by viewing their grades on ASPIRE. ( Aspire is our student information system and contains your student's attendance and academic record.) You can access this tool easily by looking on our Home page and clicking on the bottom left button that says "Aspire."

In just a couple of weeks, we will be at mid semester, and will be holding parent teacher conferences. We are challenging All of our students to be passing ALL of their classes by this time. Thank you for supporting your student at home by making sure they:

1. Have a designated space to do online work at home that is quiet and free from distraction.

2. Help your student set up a routine and schedule for their "at home" school days, allowing them enough time to complete their assignments.

3. Encourage frequent, but short breaks throughout the day, to help them keep focused and productive.

4. Encourage them to meet with teachers when they are confused, have questions, or are not understanding what to do.

Thank you, in advance. We are confident in our students' ability to succeed--even in these difficult times. It will pay off great dividends to do the hard work now.

UCAS Administration

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Covid 19 Update

Dear Parents, Students, and Staff,

You have probably received the announcement that Orem and Provo are officially in Orange phase. As an administrative team, we are carefully watching the trends in the districts we serve along with those of UVU. At this time, the majority of the districts are moving to a hybrid model. UCAS has decided to continue with our hybrid model that we have found to be successful. This plan may change as we get updates. We will let you know through our typical email communication if dismissal is necessary.

Thank you for your continued support as we work together to keep our students and families safe. Your efforts have kept our positive case count to under 5 (both campuses combined). So far, we are pleased with the diligence to mask wearing and social distancing our students have exercised. For these reasons, we are hopeful we will be able to continue in our hybrid model.


Mrs. Derbidge, Ms. Weeks, and Ms. Wenger

Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for both campuses on October 9th. At this point in time, we are planning, for safety sake, to do these online. Watch for how you can schedule times with teachers for that date.

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