Jesse Owens

the fastest man alive

Jesse Owens career

Jesse Owens was born September 12,1913 on a small farm in Oakville, Alabama. His real name was James Cleveland, but he was called JC for short. His teacher could not understand what he was saying so she thought his name was Jesse that's how he got his nickname.

Jesse's Big Moments

When jesse enters the Olympics

The big win

It all happened when Jesse Owens entered the 1936 Olympics. He won so many times that he made his own medal room. Sometimes when he feels like he isn't a winner he takes a stroll in his medal room and remembers all the times he was a winner. He got so tired he retired after that. He then made his own business and hired a bunch of men to help him.

his speech his awards and his death

Jesse Owens wanted to be a pure soul, he wanted to be a better man so then one day he started going to church. he gave so many speeches the people couldn't even count, and each and every one of those speeches where so touching people wanted to be him. but sometimes he will get carried away and start showing off his was all great until he found out he has lung cancer he wasn't feeling well until one day he died.but we will always remember that he was always the fastest man alive.