Ever wanted to get to your school website with just a touch of a finger?

With this application you'll be able to access your school website easily. We've designed this app for students who missed school, and need to catch up on homework. Another reason would be that there is a thing where you can access your grades, classes, and attendance, called Home Access Center(HAC). You'll be able to use google classroom, google docs, and anything else that has to do with school work. This app can also allow students to join chat rooms to discuss any topic that is school related.

Home Access Center

One of the links within our app is called Home Access Center. Home Access Center or HAC is where students can check their grades. They can also check their schedule and their report cards. Teachers can also change grades and take attendance. HAC has different townships so different school districts can use it.

Why We Created This App

We created this app to make sure kids get all their work done in time. The biggest problem nowadays is kids get lazy and stop doing their work. They sometimes forget their work. So, we made it so teachers could put the homework online and the students who forgot their homework could download it and print it to get full credit.