The World War ll Inquire

Battle Of Midway.

In 1942 from June 4th to 7th, a battle between the Japan and U.S. forces took place off the coast of Australia. The U.S. navy sinks 4 Japanese boats. The U.S. loses only 1 airplane and all fighting was done by place. The U.S. then invades Guadalcanal. They use the method of "island hopping" across the Pacific. This all becomes the tuning point in the Pacific War.

The Holocuast

The Holocaust was a sickening and uncalled for scene of events. Because of the WWl defeat of Germany, the lost was blamed on the German Jews. Hitler came of with a plan called "the Final Solution". He forced all German Jews first into Ghettos, but when that did not work. he sent them to concentration camps where over thousands of Jews are killed my gas chambers, starvation, assassination and more.It is just disgusting to even write about this event.