Wednesday, January 20, 2016

at the Southeastern Regional Education Service Center ( SERESC)

29 Commerce Drive

Bedford, NH 03110 603 206-6800

with Dr. Malcolm Smith, Founder and Executive Director, The Courage to Care Program

Who Should Attend:

  • Teachers
  • Admin
  • After School
  • Parents

About the Workshop:

We are educating a generation of young people who are in the midst of a very real crisis of emotional instability, contagious anger, narcissism and incivility. From the playgrounds of preschools to the lecture halls of universities, the behaviors and attitudes of our young people and their brains have fundamentally changed. Yet most schools, hospitals, youth service programs and juvenile courts are using antiquated and ineffective approaches to social and emotional learning.

In this profound and life-changing presentation, Dr. Malcolm Smith, one of the nation’s leading educators on bullying, peer victimization, anger and incivility will bring 30 years of research and practice in the classroom, on the streets and in youth programs across the nation to bare on what has been called an epidemic of incivility. He will also provide clear, specific and dynamic strategies that will change how you care for, interact with, and heal angry children and youth.

Learning Objectives for the day:

By the end of this training session, participants will:

  1. Comprehend and be able to clearly identify over 30 fundamental generational changes in this generation of young people and understand why and how they have occurred;
  2. Be able to behaviorally identify three types of anger in young people and understand clear strategies and approaches for dealing with them in classrooms, hospitals, juvenile facilities and other youth service settings;
  3. Apply knowledge of the “Fear/Anger/Violence triangle theory” to both their work settings and everyday life;
  4. Understand and be able to apply knowledge of how social attachment failure has caused a connected generation to feel more alone, isolated and distrustful than any generation before them;
  5. Understand and apply the correlations between mental illness and angry behavior, peer victimization and develop treatment protocols
  6. Be able to apply strategies for fundamentally changing the behavior of angry children and youth without being physical
  7. Be safer and more caring in their approaches to children who have rage and anger problems
  8. Identify common parenting and educational practices that both harm and hinder our children’s social and emotional growth and be able to work with educators and parents to develop behavior strategies that work.


8:30 Guest Arrival, Registrant Check-in, Continental Breakfast

9:00 Why Are Our Young People so Angry and Mean? 30 Root causes.

10:00 The Anger Triangle: A Behavioral Perspective on three types of anger and how to deal with them

11:00 The Kitty Reflex: Social Attachment Theory and Correlations to student behavior

12:00 Lunch

1:00 The Anger Triangle and the Brain: Understanding angry behavior

2:00 It’s All About YOUR Behavior: Successful strategies for responding to angry students safely

3:00 Creating a Peaceful and Caring School Environment

3:30 Program Ends

About the Presenter

Dr. Smith is currently the Executive Director of the Courage to Care Institute, and a winner of the 2015 Governor’s Outstanding Achievement in Health Award. He is a leading expert in the field of social emotional learning and the Founder and Executive Director of the Courage to Care Institute, a national program that has been shown to produce impeccable results in teaching empathy, compassion and kindness to young people, thus dramatically changing their behavior. He is the former Director of the Karl Menninger National Youth Care Training Center and was a close personal friend and colleague of Dr. Menninger, the late pioneering psychiatrist. Dr. Smith was the architect of the New Hampshire school safety law, considered to be one of the most effective bullying laws in the nation. He has also personally responded to over 64 school shootings and interviewed hundreds of violent criminals under the age of 18. He is the author of “The Peaceful Intervention Program, Caring Safely for Angry Children and Youth;” The “Realistic Parenting Series;” and countless publications and articles.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Check-in and continental breakfast starts at 8:30 am

Presentation starts at 9:00

Lunch at SERESC

Adjourn: 3:30 pm

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance for 5.5 contact hours

Cost: $225.00

Early Registration Discounted Cost: $195.00, if registered by, January 6, 2016 ---Enter discount code: early*registration

Registration ends January 13, 2016

**SNOW DATE January 28 , 2016**

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SERESC Conference Center

29 Commerce Drive

Bedford, NH 03110


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