Cardinal Library

Newsday Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Collaboration at it's best

Mrs. Baker's 6th grade social studies students have spent several days in the Cardinal Library working on a creative project to finish their study of Africa. It has been a wonderful experience for all concerned. We would like to thank Mrs. Baker and her students for all of their hard work and teaming with us to make something very special.
African Masks, a collaborative project

and now the final display is starting to go up

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Lessons learned

Although this started as a final project for Mrs. Baker's unit on Africa, it has become much more than that. The set of skills needed to take this project to completion included: goal setting, creative problem solving, time management, multi-tasking, manual dexterity, collaboration, personal responsibility and individual assessment. All of these skills students will need as they move on in education and in the world beyond school. Great work everyone.