Wave Energy

Jess Totten

Wave Energy is energy created from the motion of ocean waves and taking that energy and using it for useful things as electricity. A wave energy converter is used to gather this energy. They are placed on top of the water, they have separate parts that move up and down and when a wave comes the buoys move a piston that creates electricity.

The Aqucadoura Wave Farm

This wave farm is off the coast of Portugal and 20WM are produced. This wave farm is operated by EDP & Efacec. This wave farm uses three pelamis wave energy converters to convert the waves into electricity. Pelamis wave energy converters are sections connected which flex and bend waves go by.
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Some problems with wave energy is that storms or the salt water could damage the devices used to gather the energy. Also wave energy could harm ocean life if the devices go deep into the water.
scale wave-power station

Another Ocean Wave Converter

These animations and picture shows another wave energy converter other than the pelamis device. This device pushes water into the chamber when a wave goes by pushing the air in and out of the turbine and then starts the same process creating energy.
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