Alabama Library Media Book Study

The Collaboration Handbook by Toni Buzzeo

Better Together!

Buzzeo has written the seminal work on collaboration. This concise, heavy-duty, power-packed volume is filled with the information teachers, librarians, and administrators need to increase levels of collaboration in their schools in order to increase student learning and achievement.

From School Library Journal

In this succinct guide, Buzzeo paints a picture of how media specialists can use instructional collaboration to transform a media program and increase student achievement.

Online Book Study

Contact Dede Coe at if you are interested in participating in a 8 week online book study featuring The Collaboration Handbook by Toni Buzzeo. The first session is scheduled to begin on October 1, 2013. Professional development credit of 10 hours will be given when all requirements are met. Requirements include required readings, participation on the book study discussion board weekly and a one page reflection paper at the end of the session.

Collaboration is the key to Student Success!

This handbook is full of information for the administrator, teacher, and librarian to promote, apply, and use data driven analysis to use collaboration successfully in student learning.