Parent Appeal Process

Regarding Discipline -Ashley Thurin

Authority Hearing Officer

These people hear the arguments made by both parties. It is the first level of the hearing process. They will make the decision based on both parties arguments. They may leave the placement the way it is or they may decide to change the placement. Hearings may be retried if the school district believes that the child may not benefit from their placement.

Parent Appeal

Parents may file an appeal if they do not agree with the outcome of their decision. The parents must be sure that the school has exercised any and all placement options.

Placement During Appeals

Unless the placement is dangerous or completely out of the questions, than the student is to remain in the placement until a final decision is made. This is also known as IAES. If The appeals process takes too long then the student may be placed in an alternate placement until a decision has been made. The time period is 10 consecutive school days.

Expedited Due Process Hearings

An expedited due process hearing is a hearing involving a due process complaint regarding a disciplinary matter, which is subject to shorter timelines than a due process hearing. It must occur within 20 school days with a decision after 10 school days.

Understanding Due Process Hearings