Tech Tips #4.08

Week of October 10, 2016

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What is GoNoodle?

GoNoodle helps get kids moving with short interactive activities. Desk-side movement helps kids achieve more by keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the day.

GoNoodle is designed with K-5 classes in mind, but could be used in other grade levels as well.

GoNoodle: 101
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Key Features

  • Free. Any teacher, anywhere, can create a free GoNoodle account and start using movement activities right away.

  • Research-based Activities. Using exercise science and cutting-edge research, all of GoNoodle’s activities are healthy for the body, engaging for the attention, and beneficial to the brain in specific ways.

  • Fast. Transition from listless to engaged in minutes. GoNoodle takes no time to setup, has content of a variety of lengths (from 1 minute to 20 minutes), and just requires you to press play.

  • Designed for Long-Term Engagement. GoNoodle makes earning minutes of healthy activity a game that your kids play together. Motivate kids to stay active. Each class chooses a Champ - a virtual mascot - who grows as the class earns the minutes needed to advance to the next level. Reward them for engagement by helping them grow their Champ.

  • Multiple Classes. For teachers who see multiple groups of kids each day, GoNoodle can be easily set up so that each class has their own game progress, Champ, and rewards.

Ways to Use GoNoodle

Getting Started with GoNoodle

Geek in the House: Two Minute Tech - GoNoodle
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Additional Resources

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