Dear Fish by Chris Gall

Kendra D, Gwendolyn H, Olivia L, Maria R, Payton S

Fore-ground and Background

The background is the shampoo bottles and products from the salon, though they are not distinct. They could easily be mistaken for wall paper. The rest of the picture is in the foreground, featuring the face and the octopus.


The majority of the image is comprised of oranges and tans. It draws your attention to the features of the picture: the octopus and the woman. The reader is drawn into the contrasting colors between the oranges and the blue featured in various objects.

The images are framed in thick borders that distinguishes the central photo from the text

Size and scale

The pictures are large, taking up most of the page. The surrounding words are smaller so that the reader's eye is drawn to the picture, not the text. There are smaller pictures surrounding the text that the reader is drawn to after absorbing the main image that coincide with the theme of the page. The large image balances out the small text.