10 Facts

About Christopher Columbus

Fact One

Christopher Columbus was born in the republic of Genoa, Italy 1451

Fact Two

When he was a teenager he worked as a messenger on a boat. This is what got him interested in sailing.

Fact Three

Once when he was sailing he got attacked by pirates which caught his boat on fire. He was then forced to abandon ship and he swam to Logasal, Portugal.

Fact Four

In 1484 he began working on the Enterprise of the Indies. The Enterprise of the Indies was when he thought that traveling westward instead of east was faster.

Fact Five

When he asked the king of Portugal to help fund his enterprise he was rejected. His brother Bartholomew attempted to help his brother raise funds but he was also rejected.

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Fact Six

When he set sail to find a trade route to Asia he had three ships with him The Pinta, The Nina, and The Santa Maria.

Fact Seven

During the voyage Columbus and his crew had trouble determining their location, even with a compass. Another thing that contributed to this problem is that there were no landmarks to follow.

Fact Eight

When he landed in the Bahamas he met the Tawanin Indians who were a peaceful tribe.

Fact Nine

In 1492 he found America. He also went on three other explorations between 1493 and 1504.

Fact Ten

Christopher let a young boy control the Santa Maria one day while he and the other crew members slept. The boy hit a coral reef and the ship sank.

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