New PM

"Australia is under new management." on the weekend there was a federal election which is a vote on who you want to lead your country, and liberal leader Tony Abbott won. So lets find out a bit of history about him.

Tony Abbott got a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in the UK. That's a scholarship given to some of the world's smartest and most successful people. And in his time there, he even did a bit of boxing. Then he came back to Australia, and studied to be a Catholic priest, next he worked as a journalist, and finally he ran a concrete plant so the PM has had his even share of jobs, but what do people think in a Prime Minister.

1. He's active

2. Good listener

3. Sporty



While Tony Abbott is elected he's got a few things he wants to do including 'Scrapping the boats' or stopping Asylum Seekers, also scrapping the Carbon Tax and making broadband better.

So while its all smiles for Tony Abbott now he has a big job to do, and its not going to be easy.