5th Grade 101

Mrs. Harris' Newsletter for 11/16/15

What We Did Last Week

We had a busy and enjoyable week! In Math we practiced dividing with decimals and had a lot of discussions about finding patterns with numbers, using all of our "context" clues for problem solving, and modeling actions for problem solving. Students had to complete a DPM Review for homework. We found time each day to discuss how we solved the problems in a couple of ways.

In Science we analyzed our Matter unit test and moved on to begin our next unit on Energy. This week's focus was on Sound Energy. The sound lab was a tone of fun and the research about how sound is used everyday provided students with information on ultrasound, sonar, and echolocation.

We also enjoyed an author's visit. Ms. Larson talked about her influence on writing and how students can too become writers. There was also an extra special recognition program for our Veterans.

What We Are Doing This Week

In Math we will be getting ready for our Math DPM on Monday and Tuesday. The DPM is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday during our Math times. On Friday we will be analyzing our DPM results and practice some skills during Small Groups.

In Science we will be investigating how electrical sound is transferred from one type to another. This means that we will get to experiment with electric circuits and build our own circuits. It's a great week for Science!


The math homework this week will be to complete DMH Week 12 and review for the DPM. I HIGHLY recommend reviewing videos to check for understanding. We will resume video homework after Thanksgiving.

The science homework will be Part 2 Week 4.

KISS Lunch

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 12:15-12:45pm

HES Cafeteria

Come have lunch with your special kiddo. This is the last Thanksgiving lunch for your 5th grader!