E. Russell Hicks Magnet Program

Media Technology, the Humanities, and Digital Writing

About Our Program

Students with aptitudes for and interests in the humanities (literature, social sciences, history of the arts), communication and technology will enjoy this program. Magnet program students take specialized English Language Arts and social studies classes that infuse the magnet theme into the curriculum. These courses are designed to be cross-curricular and move at an accelerated pace that is one to two years above grade level in terms of complexity. The ultimate goal of this magnet program is to provide students with the skills necessary to be successful in advanced placement opportunities in high school and beyond. Magnet students have access to iPads and other technologies to create a 21st Century digital learning environment. Additionally, magnet students are granted unique academic experiences that encourage deeper thinking and creativity.

Our Magnet Teachers

6th Grade
Mrs. Scally - Ancient History
Mrs. Sakadales - English Language Arts

7th Grade
Mr. Lougheed - World Geography
Mrs. Harris - English Language Arts

8th Grade
Mrs. Baran - US History
Mrs. Vann Harrell - English Language Arts

2017-2018 Open House for Interested Students

Friday, November 3rd


E. Russell Hicks Cafeteria

Parents and students will have the opportunity to learn about our program via presentations, interaction with current students, hands-on activities, and a Q&A session with current staff.

Magnet Applications

Magnet applications are due by December 1, 2017.


Melissa Dickinson, Magnet Coordinator
Photo Montage