Jacob's Rescue

A holocaust story

The Characters

The characters are Alex and Mela Roslan, David and Jacob Gilet, and the Roslan's son and dughter. Jacob and David are Jews that the Nazi's wanted to kill them for no reason. The Roslan's took in the Jews to protect them and save them. The Roslan's moved and risked bringing the Jews because if the soldier stopped them and checked and saw a Jew, they would kill the family and the Jew.


The setting of this book is in Warsaw, Poland during the Holocaust. The Roslan's lived in a grand house in a ghetto. The Nazi's kept invading Poland for no reasons. The Jews kept getting shot or taking in and worked to death because Adolf Hitler didn't like them. On April 1943 the Jews started fighting back.

Righteous Among Nations Award

The Roslan's risked their families life to sneak in a Jewish person. They gave Jacob a different name "Genyek." They would get Nazi Soldier's barge right in to their house and they would look for a Jew but the Roslan's made a secret hiding spot under the sink and under the cushion on the couch. They would say that they didn't have a Jew when they really did. If the Nazi's found Jacob or David, they would kill the whole family. The Roslan's are true heroes.

Quote/ Citation Panel


" Maybe they'll want to send me back, he thought. I can't blame them."


He is risking their families life because if they find Jacob, they will kill the Roslan's.


I thought this book was very touching and heart moving. It made me think about what the Holocaust was like. This was a very sad book to read but he also saved the Jews. This book should make everyone think about what it was like to be a Jew. The nazi's should've never killed all of them. The people that helped the Jews shouldn't get killed. He is a true hero that no one should ever forget.