Its Time for a New Revolution

Taylor Summers

American Revolution

The American Revolution was caused by the Colonist wanting to be free from Great Britain. Britain wanted to tax the Colonists but they would not get represented back in Great Britain. The Colonists stepped and told Great Britain that they didn't want to be controlled by them any more. The Colonies wanted to be free over being ruled by someone who was so far away.

The French Revolution

It was between 1789-1799. The monarchy that ruled France fell in just 3 years. September 1732, King Louis XVI was killed after a republic was proclaimed. A Reign of Terror from 1793 until 1794 had killed 16,000 and 40,000 people were killed. This war was influenced by Enlightenment ideas. They failed to achieve all of their Goals.
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Hunger Games

Cattiness does not believe the President Snow is being fair anymore so she is going against him and what he stands for. President Snow is trying to get rid of Cattiness and everyone who is working with her.