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Joseph Shanklin Elementary School

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Important Testing Information

The following dates will be the state testing dates for students in grades 3rd – 5th. It is extremely important that your child be here and on time for these tests. If possible, please do not plan any appointments for your child on these days. It is also important that students not be in possession of any electronics that can be used for communicating, timing, creating images or storing images during the tests. Please go ahead and mark your calendar for the following dates

SCREADY (ELA and Math) -5/14-5/16

SCPASS (Science/Social Studies)-5/21

The tests are not timed for students, but should last approximately until 11:00 am each day. If you have any questions regarding the testing schedule, please contact Liz Rivera, assistant principal and school testing coordinator at (843) 466-3400.

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School Reminders

Student Wellnes Policy

Birthday parties will not be a part of the school day. Our District Student Wellness policy charges us with setting guidelines for refreshments served at parties, celebrations and meetings during the school day. Parents are welcome to bring a healthy snack to the office and leave it to be given to the class at lunch.


Don't forget to purchase your copy of the Joseph Shanklin Elementary Yearbook. They are for sale in the front office.

Beaufort County Public Library Summer Reading program

The Beaufort County Public Library Summer Reading Program runs from June 1st -July 31st.

Lots of free fun for summer readers!

Go to:

Volunteering at Joseph Shanklin Elementary School

Are you interested in chaperoning field trips, volunteering in the classroom, or assisting with school events ? Sign up to be an approved volunteer!

7 Habits

At Joseph Shanklin Elementary School we are a Leader In Me school that focuses on the 7 Habits For Highly Effective Kids. Below you will find the 7 habits that we include in our everyday learning. As the year progresses we will go in to detail each month with the meaning of each habit , as well as ways to use the habits at home.

7 Habits

Habit 1-Be Proactive- ( you're in charge)

Habit 2- Begin with the end in mind ( Have a plan)

Habit 3- Put first things first (Work first then play later)

Habit 4- Think Win- Win ( Everyone can win)

Habit 5- Seek first to understand, then to be understood (Listen before you talk)

Habit 6- Synergize (Together is better)

Habit 7- Sharpen the saw ( Balance feels best)

Habit 4: Think Win- Win

Think Win-Win means being creative and finding ways for both you and the other party to succeed when trying to resolve a conflict.

At Home Activities

  • 1) Gather old toys that your child may no longer want. Have them donate these to a local charity. Discuss how this is a win-win for them and another child.

  • 2) Community Service: Have your family participate in a community service event (Habitat for Humanity, soup kitchen service, clothes closet, etc.). Discuss afterwards how it was a win-win for the family and for others.

The 7 Habits At Home

Teachers at Joseph Shanklin Elementary not only teach about the Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Happy Kids, they implement it in their daily lives with their own families. Here are a few teachers and examples of how they and their families are living the 7 Habits.

We would love for our students and parents to share how you as a family incorporate the 7 Habits in your home. Please email Whitney.Watson @ so that we can highlight your family in an upcoming post.

Habit 6

My family practices Habit 6, Synergize. As a family we try to work together to reach our goals whether it is cleaning the house or planning for a fun family vacation. One of the best way we find to encourage us to synergize is to have regular interaction with each other. We try to eat at least dinner together as much as possible. We also plan family game nights and vacations. We recently set up a family goal board. Our Family Goal is to yell less, talk more and help each other keep our home clean.

Barbie Newsome

PreK Teacher

School Wide Leader Of The Month

Congratulations to Shakenna Brown our school wide Student Leader of the Month for April’ s character trait forgiveness. Shakenna displays forgiveness by excusing what others have done and said to her. She has accepted many apologies that she has never received. Shakenna lets go of the anger by still being friends with her classmates after they have done wrong to her. She states that she was taught to forgive people after they have hurt you because you have to let the memory go because if not you’ll think about getting even with the person. Shakenna chooses to forgive and move on in life. She will tell me when someone has hurt her but later says that my heart is getting better but I remember what he/she did to me and it was mean. I’ve heard her say that, “I forgive you but don’t do it again now”. After it’s over she’ll lend a helping hand and do it with a big smile on her face. She always seeks out the solution to the problem so that everyone wins! If she sees a problem arising she’ll ask the other students, “how can we all win?” Shakenna is an example of what forgiveness looks like, feels like, and sounds like.

Shakenna Brown

Mrs. Parker’s 3rd grade class

Leaders Of The Month

Character Trait Demonstrated: Forgiveness

D. Williams

M. Needles

E.Juarez- Flores

A. Fell

J. Ryan

J. Hayward

T. Thames

K. Steward

O. Reyes-Tejeda

S. Brown

A. Castellanos

Y. Alfano

I. Mendez

E. z

M. Daniels

J. ackson

E. Heyward

J. Watkins

D. Jenkins

D. Garcia

School Wide WIGS

JSES students will increase in reading comprehension on Standards 5, 6, and 10/11 from an average of 41.75% to an average of 77% by April 26, 2019.

JSES students will increase in reading comprehension on Standards 5, 6, and 10/11 from an average of 41.75% to an average of 57% by Jan 18, 2019.

JSES students will increase in math problem solving skills on Exemplars from an average of 1.58 to an average of 3.08 by April 2019.

JSES students will increase in math problem solving skills on Exemplars from an average of 1.58 to an average of 2.33 by January 2019.

Each class will increase in community service learning projects from 0 per semester to at least 1 per semester.

We will also have a school-wide PIG (Pretty Important Goal) around math fact fluency.

Important Dates To Remember

  • 5/14-5/16- SC READY
  • 5/17- Club Day @1:00
  • 5/20-100 Voices Breakfast @ 8:30
  • 5/21-SC PASS
  • 5/23- Great Girls Breakfast @8:30
  • 5/24- Student Led Conferences @8:00
  • 5/27- No School Memorial Day
  • 5/28- Family Fun & Field Day
  • 5/30-Kindergarten Celebration of Learning @9:00
  • 5/30-Pre-K Celebration of Learning@ 11:30
  • 5/30- 5th grade Celebration of Learning @ 5:30
  • 5/31- Last Day of School