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A Quick Checklist before buying a House

With soaring prices in realty sector, buying a house is considered to be one time investment. One should be very careful while investing their savings in a property. Considering below mentioned checklist is extremely essential when it comes to buying a new house for you and your family.

1. Do a complete Research: Before you fix an apartment do a complete research on the price, duration of completion, market position of the builder and the construction company, other past projects of the company, area and locality along with other basic amenities and facilities provided. Never rely on the advice provided by the developer and the agents. Do your own study. This is particularly important when you buy a property off you’re the plans. Visit as many properties as you can. This will also help in comparing the cost and other requirements.

2. Check Hygiene Factors: If you are buying an apartment to live, check for all basic amenities. It should be close to all the facilities you require. This would include transportation, hospitals, schools, parks, work, gym, local shops and temple. Also, check if it is close to cafes or clubs. Don’t buy a property around them if you like to be in a peaceful environment and want to avoid traffic. Also check if there is a balcony or whether it is hidden by other neighboring buildings. Panchsheel greens noida extension have apartments in all the areas. One can consider these developments while buying properties.

3. Additional expenses: Though buying an apartment is one time huge investment, one should not forget that there are other continuous expenses. Consider maintenance charges of your building. Check if you would like to spend that amount every month. Maintenance charge, taxes, salaries of building securities, electricity and water charges, elevator charges and parking charges should be considered. Only if you can afford such expenses on monthly basis, buy the property. Panchsheel Greens properties gives a clear picture of these expenses. All such additional cost is communicated well in advance. There are no hidden costs with these developers.

4. Ownership requirements: This is one of the most important factors while buying an apartment. Check all the clauses in the documents and ownership clauses. Also, check how the terms of transferring the ownership, mode of payments and other society and FSI rules. Panchsheel Greens 2, Panchsheel greens 2 Noida extension developers showcases all the legal requirements and clauses clearly. There is lot of transparency while buying the property. Also consider the age of the building and re-development clauses. Also check if you can build your apartment as per your requirements.
Above mentioned suggestion can help you buy a satisfactory property. Taking help from a local engineer or an architect can be an additional help.