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6th Grade Math Cameron Jr. High

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I will link classroom material, homework, assignments, cool websites and other resources here for your reference. Please let me know how I can better assist you.

2016-2017 School Year

I am so excited about this school year. We will have 90 min class periods so the only need to have homework will be for anyone who has not finished class work. This year will yield a lot of activities and centers to practice and explore mathematics.


We will make a math spiral in class and use it at all times to keep notes. Besides that 3 subject spiral you will also need a package of pencils, paper, red pens and dry erase markers. These supplies will need to be replaced periodically.

Year at a Glance

1st 6 Weeks

Unit 1 - Equivalent Forms of Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Unit 2 - Ordering Fractions, Decimals and Integers

Unit 3 - Operations with Positive Fractions and Decimals

2nd 6 Weeks

Unit 4 - Operations with Integers

Unit 5-Proportional Reasoning with Ratio's and Rates

3rd 6 Weeks

Unit 6-Equivalent Expressions and One-Variable Equations

Unit 7-One-Variable Inequalities

4th 6-Weeks

Unit 8-Algebraic Representations of Two-Variable Relationships

Unit 9- Geometry and Measurement

5th 6 Weeks

Unit 10-Data Analysis

Unit 11-Personal Financial Literacy

6th 6 Weeks

Unit 12-Essential Understanding of Proportionality

Unit 13-Essential Understanding of Equations

Text Book

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Percentage Games

Practice percents

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Fraction Resources

Use this tool if you are still having troubles with fractions.

Math Resources

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