The Industrial Revolution

the industrial revolution

the industrial revolution was a time when machines took place of mans work. in this period, factories were made and people worked in factories instead of farms.some inventions that were made during the industrial revolution are used today.


The first inventor is Henry Ford. Henry produced a mass production of cars using the assembly line. From this people had more cars. The second inventor is Alexander Gram Bell and he invented the first telephone. This provided people to be more informed with their business, family and friends. And finally there is Thomas Edison and he invented the light bulb. this mad a big impact on society, they could run their lights longer which made it easier when you worked long hours.

child labor laws

In the time of the industrial revolution, instead of adults working in factories children worked long hours. usually, woman and children took the place of man working in factories. children worked till 6:00 am to 6:45 pm. they ate breakfast together before work. Addie, a child that worked during the industrial revolution, worked with a broken arm. her life was harsh and she grew up in hard conditions, too.
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assembly line

the assembly line is mostly know from Henry ford. he is known for using the assembly line for automobiles. the assembly line is a line of workers that have one job to make a certain product. the assembly line uses a converter belt that moves the product to each person. then the job gets done faster and more products are made so more people had products.