The stages of government

Social studies project

Primitive Communisom

"Primitive Communisom" is when someone got food they shared it.

A good example of primitive communisom would be the native americans.

The reasons they went to a next stage is for theses reasons.

  • Domestication of animals
  • Agriculture
  • private property

Slave Society

People were divided into two classes the owners and the slaves. In a slave society they conquered contries for more slaves.

An example of a slave society is the early 1400s in Europe

The reason the slave societies fell a part is they had to conquer more land for more slaves and with more land the societies fell apart because it took too long to send help if a fight broke out also because when they die their children arent slaves


A sosiety based on loyalty and trust and a class system

The best example of this would probably be bethe medieval times

The reason feudalism fell is because merchants rose in wealth and caused conflict between them and the kings.


capitalism is a goverment focused on profeits for the employer, which is 1 of the 2 social groups.

a good example of Capitalism is present day United States

Capitalism Failed because

  • Its all about profits for the owner so that caused conflict between the employers and the employees
  • They don't get paid for their work the're paid for a portion of it
  • Theres a theory that the employees would rise up and take over


Socialism is a practice of communisom

There are no examples cause it hasn't worked yet

If socialism fails they try again


"The perfect system"

It's a Theory so there are no examples

The only way it would fail is if people rebeled and didn't listen


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