The Arrest of the Three Blind Mice

By: Koby Brown

The 3 Blind Mice and the Farmer's Wife

One day the 3 blind mice (defendants) were charged for stalking and harassment of the farmer's wife. They were charged with a felony. They were arrested and a bail was set. A preliminary hearing was heard in front of the grand jury about the three blind mice's case. The farmer's wife (victim) and the farmer (witness) were present but not the three blind mice. The farmer's wife recalls her encounter with the blind mice and how they started following and harassing her and showed the grand jury the tails of the blind mice. The farmer said he was present and caught the whole event on camera for sufficient evidence. After listening to the farmer and his wife the blind mice were formally charged (indictment) with the harassment and stalking of the farmer's wife. In the pre-arraignment conference the blind mice are notified of their indictment and are assigned a public defender due to their lack of money. During arraignment, the blind mice are notified of the indictment and a new time and date of case is chosen. In the pre-trial conference a plea bargain is suggested for the blind mice but the blind mice refuse to accept the plea bargain. A petit jury is selected and the farmer (witness) is summoned to court (if he doesn't show in court he may be subpoenaed to court). The trial begins and the prosecution and defense present their cases to the petit jury. The farmer testifies and swears not to commit perjury. After the trial the jury reaches a verdict and the blind mice are convicted of harassment and stalking of the farmer's wife.