Santorini, Greece


A Volcanic Miracle

The magnificent islands of Santorini were created by several volcanic eruptions. The layers are still visible to this day, but the eruptions seem to have cooled down for now, the last eruption being in 1950

Art and Architecture

Santorini is full of very interesting, appealing architecture, including the original houses. There is a very famous art exhibition in Fira, it is located in the mansion of Giza. There is also a prehistoric museum where you can see interesting artifacts from Santorinis past.


In Santorini, the grape harvest is called Vendema. The preparation for Vendema begins in August, and lasts until Septemeber, the month of grape harvesting. The process in which they prepare and cultivate the grapes is specific and detailed. On October 22, the wine that was made from the grapes is tasted. This is a traditional process for the people of Santorini, and concludes with a chanting priest, songs, dancing, and a feast.


Feasts are very important to the people of Santorini. They are accompanied by festivals, and worship. The Each church has a building that has the necessities for the meals, and places to eat. The feast has many traditional acts that are a part of the festivity.


Weddings are extremely important in Santorini, and are held in a very traditional manner. Wedding preparations begin the day before. On this day the nuptial bed is made, and the groom moves his things to the brides house. Weddings are always held on Sundays after church service, and they are married in the nearest vineyard. In the vineyard sentimental activities occur that symbolize their marriage.

The Calm Nature

Santorini is a very calm, small place in comparison to mainland Greece. It is distanced far enough from the mainland that it can only be reached by boat or plane, leaving it to a peaceful enviroment. As well as a very traditional enviroment, there are many tourists, however, most of the tourists that visit Santorini are family or friend oriented, not looking to cause a ruckus.


Santorini not only constists of many traditions, but also of many choices of enertainment. There is everything from a visit to a Neo-Classical mansion to cliff-diving, and mule-riding. Other entertainment oppurtinities are musemus, art exhibits, a calm day at the beach, etc.



The Odyssey~

The tone of the Odyssey is somber. Odysseus's pain is intense and never seems to end.

One theme of the Odyssey is perseverence. Odysseus is an example. He persevered even though his crew had died. He also was loyal was to his wife when Circe had offered her to him as a wife. After ten years, he finally returned home.

The Odyssey has many life lessons to offer. Through events in the story it is potrayed that great heroes are created by the good things that they do in the world, and that through suffering great things come, such as patience and strength. Although the Odyssey is extremely fictional, and does not take place in Texas, it is relevant to our lives. In fact, it applies to everyone. The story may not be something that the everyday human can relate to, but the lessons the story is teaching can be understood by most people. The Odyssey is extremely effective in getting the point across because the endeavor of a great hero whom never seems to have fate on his side shows an abstract, yet realistic approach to how life really is.