Come and experience Gold

An online museum by jazmin oloughlin

what is gold ?

Gold. A rare substance making up only five ten-millionths of the earths outer layer. Gold. It is used in jewellery, computers and teeth. Gold. It is edible in cakes, coffee, tea, and fruit. All of these things are made from pure gold. How amazing!!

Gold. an oline mueseum

Monday, Dec. 2nd, 11am-1pm

The Rocks, New South Wales, Australia

The Rocks, NSW

Come and experience and learn much much more about gold its properties and uses. taste some edible food that has Gold contained in it and even you might be able to touch gold. some people might even get touch electronics that have Gold in it.


11:00 am facts about gold

11:30 am taste testing gold in food

12:00 am lunch (sausage sandwich and a soft drink)