29TH OCT 2021


Nurturing lifelong learners who live out Jesus' message of love and peace.


At Our Lady of Fatima School, we:

Provide a holistic Catholic education where the teachings of Christ are lived, valued and promoted

Strive for excellence and through contemporary pedagogies, support the resilience, curiosity, creativity and social and emotional wellbeing of each child.

Foster a sense of community through meaningful relationships with students, staff, parents, parish and wider community.

Maintain an innovative learning environment, embracing sustainable practices.

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Today we celebrate World Teachers’ Day! Our OLOF community are blessed with dedicated and caring teachers and I wish to express my gratitude for everything our teachers do to support our little learners. I asked some students to share what they think about their teachers:

Our teachers help us learn. (Emmy)

Our teachers are helpful. (Cooper)

I like the teachers because they help me to learn and they do fun things with me. (Sammy)

Our teachers help us if we get stuck and our teachers are kind and caring. (Zara and Milla)

Our teachers are funny, friendly and helpful. (Ella)

The teachers are very nice and care about us. (Cruz)

Our teachers are nice, kind and help us when we are hurt. (Hamish)

Our teachers always help us if we need anything. (Isabelle)

Our teachers were deeply appreciative of the special morning tea put on for them today and I would like to thank our Pre-Primary parents and the P&F for coordinating this and the special gift.


On the 22 October, we took part in the interschool athletics carnival. It was a great success, the competition was tight but, in the end, we came second. Congratulations to London in Year 4 who was Champion Girl, Samuel in Year 5 who was Champion Boy and Will in Year 6 who was Champion Boy. We would like to thank Mr Rijs for organising the day, and to Mr Celenza for training us to prepare for our events. Everyone got involved and tried the best they could. Overall, it was a great day.

(Matilda and Olivia)


On Monday 25 October, the Year 6 class was lucky enough to have the opportunity to plant serges at Attadale Foreshore with the Swan Estuary Reserves Action Group (SERAG). We learnt how to plant the serges and how they help the ecosystem. We had so much fun learning all about the shore birds and we would like to thank Margaret, Robin, Rosemary and Suzie for teaching us, we had a blast!



Thank you for the wonderful response to the uniform in the early years survey. This information has been considered by the School Advisory Council and I will be communicating with relevant years about the outcome of this survey in the next week.


Our students loved the colour run today! Mrs King and Mr La Roche reported lots of happy and excited students! A big thank you to Zanda, Jyoti and Siobhan for all of their organisation for this fun community event.


Following on from the updated vision and mission shared last newsletter, our staff have created our strategic plan for 2022 to 2024. This has been developed using feedback from staff and also deeply considered the parent feedback from the survey last term. On Tuesday, the School Advisory Council endorsed this document, which you can see


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St Patrick’s Primary School P & F would like to extend the invitation to all OLOF parents and friends to attend a Cyber Safety Presentation by Paul Litherland. Paul will provide us with the knowledge and skills we need to keep our children safe in the ever changing online

environment. He will acknowledge the benefits and opportunities offered by the online world, while discussing the risks and ways we can avoid potential harms. Wednesday 17th November 5.30-7.00pm St Patrick’s Primary Library Catering provided by St Pat’s P & RSVP- admin@stpatsfremantle.wa.edu.au


Our school AGM will be held on Tuesday 23 November at 6:30pm in the school hall. This is a fantastic opportunity to come together as a community and support both the P&F and School Advisory Council, who work together in supporting the school in delivering the best educational outcomes for your children.

The School Advisory Council comprises the Principal (ex-officio), Parish Priest (ex-officio), one person from the Parish Council who is nominated by the Parish Priest and between four and six persons. There is potentially one vacancy for the School Advisory Council in 2022 and the membership conditions are as follows:

  • A commitment and desire to promote Catholic education and give service to the Catholic school community;
  • A commitment to the safety, wellbeing and pastoral care of all students and staff;
  • An ability to work cooperatively and constructively with the Principal, school leadership team and all other members of the Advisory Council;
  • The possession of skills, competencies and experience that are reflective of, relevant and beneficial to the Catholic school community; and
  • A sufficiency of time to devote to Advisory Council duties.

If you would like to nominate for the School Advisory Council, please contact the Secretary on luisa.marrows@outlook.com by Friday 19 November (5pm).

The P&F comprises any parent or guardian of a child attending the school or any person who supports the objectives of the Association. The P&F Executive is made up of the Principal (Ex-Officio), the Parish Priest (Ex-Officio), President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and up to six additional members. The positions that are not Ex-Officio will be vacated to be filled at the AGM. If you would like to nominate for the P&F Executive, please contact the Secretary on olofsecretary@gmail.com by Friday 19 November (5pm).


Please save the date for the OLOF Christmas Concert on the evening of Tuesday 30 November. Come along to enjoy a family picnic, watch dance performances from Kindergarten to Year 6 and sing some Christmas carols to prepare for the holy season of Advent. Specific detail about the evening will be shared with parents in the coming weeks.


From next week, we will begin our support of the Vinnie’s Christmas Appeal. The school works closely with the parish to provide items to families in need and hopefully bring some Christmas cheer. Class teachers will inform parents of what items are needed and we will present our Christmas hampers to the parish at the Pre-Primary Christmas assembly on Friday 3 December.


The Gospel this week provides us with a blueprint for how to live a good life. His focus on love provides the foundation for Christian morality:

(Mark 12:28-34)

One of the scribes who had listened to them debating appreciated that Jesus had given a good answer and put a further question to him, 'Which is the first of all the commandments?' Jesus replied, 'This is the first: Listen, Israel, the Lord our God is the one, only Lord, and you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: You must love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.' The scribe said to him, 'Well spoken, Master; what you have said is true, that he is one and there is no other. To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and strength, and to love your neighbour as yourself, this is far more important than any burnt offering or sacrifice.' Jesus, seeing how wisely he had spoken, said, 'You are not far from the kingdom of God.' And after that no one dared to question him any more.

Wishing you a terrific weekend!

Jacinta Petersen



Giver of all wisdom and greatest of all teachers,

Look upon our teachers with love Grant them the resolve to nurture our eager minds and to never give up on us who fall behind.

Bless their hearts for they rejoice when we succeed and encourage us when we fail And bless them with gentle patience for the path of learning is never easy Kindle a spirit and passion in them it is the flame that ignites the love of learning in us Help them see the potential in each student Their belief in us means much more than the grade we make

Instill in them a commitment to keep on learning It shows us to not fear new knowledge and experiences Inspire them to touch the future They influence how big a dream we dream for ourselves Bless our teachers who have come before For their work endures to this day Let the light of your example shine upon all teachers To build up with their words To love with their mind To share with their heart. Amen

School Fees

Just a reminder that, unless a prior arrangement has been made, school fee accounts are due to be settled by the end of October. If you require a copy of your statement please let us know. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please make an appointment with Jacinta to discuss how we can assist you.

Many thanks

Amy Sheridan

Finance Officer


Days to remember 2021- please check our updated calendar on our website

Year 5 Camp - 3rd Nov to 5th Nov

Year 6 Camp - 10th Nov to 12th Nov

Kindergarten 2022 Parent Orientation meeting - 17th Nov

Parent Skills and Talent Register

Our School Advisory Council and Parents and Friends Association often work on projects that benefit our school community and we would love to consult with parents that have expertise and can contribute to these projects! By completing this form, we could call on your business to quote on school based capital works projects, school maintenance, advertising or event management. Your assistance in completing this form is appreciated!

Fatima Family Cookbook is unfortunately postponed till early 2022

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Support our school at Gilbert's fresh market and The Foodies Basket

Gilbert's Support Our School Program donates 1% of the money spent by you to your nominated school every time you shop with us! Sign up for free at the checkout and scan each time you shop.

As at 16/06/2020 the Gilbert’s Fresh, Hilton SOS Program has 31 schools, and 2,236 customers signed up, plus, Gilbert’s has donated $40,945.00 to local schools since the program commenced in October 2017.

The Foodies Basket, Attadale donates a $1 for every 100 points accumulated. Just give our School name or show your card each time you purchase.

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Keyed Up Music Lessons

Keyed Up Music Lessons

Keyed Up Music will be teaching keyboard and guitar lessons next term during school. Lessons start at $23.65 for groups of two per lesson. If you are interested in your son/daughter learning an instrument, ring Savanna on 6107 8841 or 0479 171 424 or enrol at www.keyedupmusic.com.au/enrolment-form