American Industrial Revolution

1870s - 1910s

This event to several years to become stable

Due to the rapid innovation, America literally fell to shamble. living situations were poor, jobs were horrible, you could barely even eat on your pay of working 18 hrs a day then electricity was patented and then it went on longer!

more machines taking man jobs

during this time frame, machines were innovated to where everything was cheaper and faster making human labor cheap and easy also making them hard to get.

child labor. constant death buuuuuut our buildings got stronger and good production got easier and faster

and the wealthy got wealthier

terms like "monopoly" came into play when small businesses bought out all competators and even if they made the worst product they were the only one so more money for the owners and the consumer is tricked.

literally this time was man eat man world and everything revolved around cheap money

industries boomed in steel, machines, oil, all innovations basically all were accepted if it made money it worked as well

in conclusion, the worst time in history for society made our future the greatest above all