T-PESS Rationale

Essential to an effective human capital management strategy, the purposes of evaluating principals are to:

  • serve as a measurement of leadership performance
  • guide school leaders as they reflect upon and improve their effectiveness
  • focus the goals and objectives of schools and districts as they support, monitor, and evaluate their principals.
  • guide professional development for principals
  • serve as a tool in developing coaching and mentoring programs for principals

Evaluation System Process

  1. Orientation
  2. Self-Assessment/Goal Setting
  3. Pre-evaluation Conference
  4. Mid-year Progress Meeting
  5. Consolidated Performance Assessment
  6. End of year Performance Discussion
  7. Final Evaluation/Goal Setting

Orientation: Completed by August 1, 2016

To clarify the expectations and process for T-PESS

Self-Assessment & Goal Setting: Completed by August 19, 2016

To reflect on past performance, feedback from supervisors and colleagues and benchmark performance against the criteria in the evaluation rubric.

To consider past performance and current self-assessment in setting manageable, meaningful, and measurable performing goals.

Pre-Evaluation Conference: Completed by September 9, 2016

Make sure that the performance goals accurately reflect the appropriate goals, and discuss leadership responsibilities.

Mid-Year Progress: Completed by December 16, 2016

Collaborative and collegial dialogue to discuss progress toward individual goal attainment.

Consolidated Performance Assessment: Completed and submitted to appraiser prior to final meeting

The principal will synthesize the information in preparation for a consolidated performance assessment and review of performance throughout the year. A brief summary of the artifacts and data should be provided to the appraiser in advance of the End-of-year Performance Discussion.

End-of-Year Performance Discussion

To finalize the annual evaluation process of the principal by reflecting back on the self-assessment by reviewing the consolidated performance assessment and the appraiser's summary rating form

Final Evaluation & Goal Setting: Completed by February 17, 2017

The principal and appraiser will generate goals and a plan for accomplishing the goals that are based on the summary ratings from the previous year.