Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Taylor Hecht 8/24/2012


The setting of this story is in San Fransico California in a town called Chinatown . It was in the 1940- 1950s


There are many diffrent characters in this story. The main 2 are the Jing-mei who is a teenager  and her mother. Jing-mei's family is from china


Exposition- family moved to America when she was a baby, in 1949. Her mother is clear in her goals she wants her daughter to be a child prodigy.

Rising Action- the rising action would be about all of the ways her mother tries to 'discover' jing- mei's special talents. such as being forced to take piano lessons.

Climax- The climax of the story is a piano recital and the events that unfold the day after. Her mother is so proud of Amy's musical talent; she even invites Auntie Lindo and Waverly to Amy's first piano recital. it don't seem to go the way she wanted it to go..

Resolution- In the resolution Jing-mei's mother has recently passed. She get the piano passed to her so she happens to get the piano tuned, and trys to replay it again.


the internal conflict would be when Jing-mei looks in the mirror. All day, her mother had been giving her tests that were frustrating. Her mother was pressuring her to succeed in life. She thought that her daughter could be as smart as, or even smarter than the children the mother had seen on television. Jing-mei starts getting mad at herself for not being a genius.

External Conflict.... THE FIGHT!

"I wish I'd never been born! I wish I were dead! Like them!" this is the saying that jain- mei said in the fight with her mother onday when she didnt want to go to piano lessons.


I see two themes in this story, taking pride in who you are and standing up for yourself.
in the story jing mei never stands up for her self, but its hard to when your a kid. all she wanted to do was to make her mother proud of her for once.


The symbol is the piano. it symbolic that the mother dont give up on Jing Mei. even thought she was soo hard on her.

what does Jing mei sees in the mirror?

what does she see? she sees that shes not perfect. and she cant be a prodigy. and that her mother is pushing her way to hard. she just wants to be her self.