China & Japan

Devonna Reynolds & Alexus Gittens

The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)


- commanded the army that conquered the Mongols.

-Improved imperial administration


-Moved the royal court to Beijing.

-Launched the first 7 voyages of exploration.

The Forbidden City

- The Forbidden City was home to all of China's future emperors.

-They controlled the Imperial government from the Forbidden City.

- Huns, Manchu, and Mongols were governed form here.

- It is the largest complex of palaces in the world.

Zheng He

- Zheng He was a Chinese Muslim admiral

-He made voyages to Southeast Asia all the way to Eastern Africa.

-He sent gifts of silver and silk to show China's superiority.

-Sixteen countries showed tribute to the Ming Court.

The Qing Dynasty (1644-1912)

-Manchus founded the Qing Dynasty.

-Conquered the Ming Dynasty, the were originally from Manchuria.

-Seized Beijing from the Mings.

-Ruled for over 20 years

-Expanded China's borders to : Taiwan,Chinese Central Asia, and Tibet.

*The Chinese felt that they had no use for trade with the Europeans*


-The shoguns in Japan were the sole rulers.

-Tokugawa was the Dynasty that ruled Japan from 1603 to 1868.

~The central government was strong

~Traditional culture thrived during the Tokugawa dynasty.

-The Closed Country Policy was put into effect when Europeans started to arrive in Japan.

~The Christians were trying to change Japanese culture.

~As a result,in 1639, leaders sealed all over japan except for one port city.

~The only people allowed were the Dutch and Chinese.

Japan Tokugawa Shogunate