The Petrea Post

Due West Elementary, 4/23/2020

Online Learning

Friday will be a day to "catch up" on your learning activities. Scroll back through my blog posts for ideas.

Our ZOOM call is scheduled for today at noon. An e-mail was sent out yesterday with the link. Be prepared to share one way you have been helping the Earth. We will have a new Mystery Guest too!

I had fun this week taking a virtual field trip through Zoo Atlanta. There is an interactive map which allows you to move through the Zoo and click on each habitat for information and pictures of the animals.

The animal pages give information about the unique animal ambassadors who live at Zoo Atlanta.

You might want to check it out! This is a great resource that goes along with our third grade study of animal habitats and adaptations.

Highlights of What We're Learning...

  • Asks and answers questions to demonstrate understanding of a text with attention to the important parts and key details
  • Consistently and independently fluently multiplies and divides within 100 using strategies
  • Knows from memory all products of two one-digit numbers
  • Solves word problems involving elapsed time
  • Explains the factors that shaped British Colonial America
  • Explains how the physical geography of the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern colonies helped determine economic activities
  • Writes routinely over extended and shorter time frames
  • Utilizes planning, revising, and editing when writing


Student Highlights

First In Math

I have received positive feedback about First In Math. It's a great option for the math portion of your instructional day. You can access it through Clever.