Nurse: An Angel in Disguise

A Career as a Nurse

What is Nursing?

Nurses are a group of people who help care for individuals of all ages who are sick or well in all settings. Nurses try and help prevent illnesses, help take care of ill or dying individuals and advocate for safe and clean environments. They also give comfort, compassion and give a piece of themselves to every patient. They work with Doctors, healing patients and educate the communities. (1)

Education you Need to Become a Nurse

1. Get your Associates of Science Degree in Nursing (ASN), this takes about 2-3 years

2. Get your Bachelor of Nursing Science (BSN), this takes about 4 years to get from a college or university.

3. If you want to go even farther you can get your Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), this takes an extra 2 years to complete.

4. Become a nurse of any specialty. (4)


Nursing has one of the highest starting salaries it could range from 69,000 to 96,000 a year. That's not all, nurses have great benefits like job security, tax saving plans, pension plans and even tuition reimbursements.(3) However, nursing salaries vary on many factors such as nursing education, years of education and type of specialty you pursue. (2)

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Job Outlook

Nursing is the highest growing occupation in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 22% more nursing jobs to be expected for 2018. You can get a job anywhere in the country and in any city, because there are always shortage of qualified nurses. Nurses have very flexible schedules and are able to adjust their schedules according to their life style. (2)

Is Nursing the Career for you?

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