St. Anthony MS

One Team. One Family.

Week Ahead for Feb. 1st - 5th

This past week was a wonderful example of our "One Team, One Family" motto! I wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to reflect on just some of the wonderful things going on this week:

  • We got very creative when both copiers were down at the same time!
  • Colleagues stepped up to sub... a lot!
  • Math teachers created our very first Family Math Event , which rocked!
  • Students planned, introduced, and will continue to take the lead in the Seat Belt Campaign!
  • Ms. Pawlowski started her work at 4th Street. We are so glad that you are here!
  • Our new altar servers served!
  • Mr. Garvey worked tirelessly towards subbing solutions!
  • A seventh grade student was here today despite a major family crisis. When asked why he came to school, he replied, "My parents didn't want me to come to school today. But I love school. I hate missing school."
  • Teachers came together to problem solve on how to teach behavior and how to help students experience more success!
  • Sixth grader Francisco Garibay taught a truly amazing math lesson!
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Our School Goals

  1. 100% of our students will grow in the areas of Math and Reading
  2. 10% increase in advanced and proficient rating on state testing
  3. 90% of classroom students will reach their end of the year STAR target goal
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Sign Up Now for the Feb. 19th Mini-Conference

Please take approximately two minutes and sign-up for your sessions --> link! Many presenters would like to see who is attending their sessions in order to tailor these offerings to you - the attendees - so thank you for taking the time to get this done.

Feedback and Input Needed

Please complete the building survey in order to help us grow as an organization.

This Week's Team Meeting Focus = Discipline/Classroom Management Check-In

Bring any questions that you may have. This is intended to be a check-in to see how the new classroom management system is going.
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Catholic School's Week!

* Coins will be collected near the double doors that students enter through in the morning. Any coins turned in during morning homeroom can be placed in gallon sized ziploc bags.

Monday, February 1st (Maroon A Day)

Special Bell Schedule (see below for bells)
  • Special Dress: Sports Day (staff can join in!)
  • Students encouraged to bring in PENNIES for today's coin drive
  • Students and teachers to receive Prayer Partners for the week. Students should draw names for their partner.
  • Academic Awards Presentations in the AM
  • Morning Homeroom Activity: Reasons We Love SAMS - students will take a random piece of colored construction paper (materials will be provided). Students will write why they love and/or are thankful for attending a Catholic school/SAMS. They can color and/or decorate their piece. We will then create a mural with all of these different pieces.
  • 2:05pm Pep Assembly
  • SAMS Basketball vs. Hope Semper at Hope Semper

Tuesday, February 2nd (Gold B Day)

Regular Bell Schedule
  • Special Dress: Mismatch
  • Students encouraged to bring in NICKELS for today's coin drive
  • Student work time for Seat Belt Campaign during DEAR
  • Student winner for Teacher for a Day to assist Mr. W for the day

Wednesday, February 3rd (Black A Day)

Regular Bell Schedule

  • Special Dress: Professional/Dress like a Teacher
  • Students encouraged to bring in DIMES for today's coin drive
  • District Spelling Bee
  • Continued student work time for Seat Belt Campaign during DEAR
  • Student winner for Principal for a Day with Mr. Garvey (AM), Mrs. Petersen (PM)

Thursday, February 4th (Maroon B Day)

Thursday Mass Schedule
  • Student Dress: Regular School Uniforms
  • Students encouraged to bring in QUARTERS for today's coin drive
  • Transition to 4th Floor by 7:45 for Seat Belt Campaign Presentation before Mass
  • Parents are invited to join us for 8:00am Mass!
  • Our doors will be open on Thursday for potential new student/parent tours.

Friday, February 5th (Gold A Day)

"Old Tuesday/Thursday Schedule"

  • Student Dress: Multiple Day
  • Students encouraged to bring in DOLLAR(S) for today's drive
  • Letter Writing during DEAR - Students will write a letter to their parent thanking them for the opportunity to attend our Catholic school
  • 2:00pm School Assembly modeled after Minute It To Win It

Schedule for Monday

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Schedule for Friday

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Upcoming Dates

Ash Wednesday Mass will be at 2pm on Wednesday, February 10th. We will run the "old Tuesday/Thursday schedule" to make this happen. We will not have Mass on Thursday February 11th.

All choice schools are in Open Enrollment period at this time. Open Enrollment will end on February 15th so classes that are below our cap class size may have additional students that join. If you have questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Thank you for your patience with the copy machines!

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Have a wonderful week!