My PFLSS Final Project

by Daniel Ehling

Beginning of the Course

When the Personal Financial Literacy and Study Skills class, it's safe to say I thought a lot of myself. I do good in school, I play a lot of video games, what wasn't amazing with my life? One big thing. My life. In the future, that is. I had NO idea where I was going. So I thought about my interests. All I knew was I wanted to go to a Vocational High-School and if I can, an Ivy-League College (preferably Princeton). Other than this, I had no idea what to do with my life.


What I was interested in:

  • Music (Composing and Playing)
  • Coding (Programming, Software Engineering)
  • Video games
  • Math
  • Entrepreneurship

What I am interested in now:
  • Medical Sciences
  • Music
  • Video-games
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Pharmacy
  • Animation

My Skills, Strengths and Abilities

My skills have not changed that much. I am still quite good at reading music, playing musical instruments, being logical about situations, video-games, language arts, and math.

My strengths have also not changed that much. I have quite a long attention span, I have a sense of humor, I am very good at performing under pressure, and I am fun.

My abilities are being tactical, micro-management, playing instruments, and reading music.

My Interests

Animation, composing music, creating video-games, physics, music in general, medicine, math, and animals.

What is important to me

My family, pets, my belongings, my computer, friends, my computer, video-games, my computer, winter, and my computer.

My Career


  • Music Composer
  • Software Engineer
  • Coding
  • Entrepreneur


  • Medicine
  • Pharmacist
  • Basic Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Quantum Mechanics
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Education Needed

Vocational Education (Allied Health Sciences)

5-7 years of medical education.

Where do I want to live?

Maine. It is quiet and an easy area to conduct research, since it is so rural and full of forests and lakes.
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Choices today affecting my future

Today, I work very hard in school and get straight A's. I also had gotten a perfect score in math on the NJ ASK two years in a row, and close to a perfect score on the PARCC for both math and language arts. This will allow me to get into a vocational high-school (hopefully) which will give me the advantage, allowing me to get a higher education and making it easier to get into an ivy league.

Decisions I will make

Along the way, I will have to make decisions. Hopefully, I make the right ones that will help me stay financially "healthy" and allow me to support my family. I will also have to decide the type of education I want, as a simple slip up can make me not able to get a career I want now, like being a pharmacist.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

I have already talked about my Strengths.

Weaknesses: I have very little tolerance for people. I do not take others ideas into consideration, and I also do not feel very empathetic towards people who are going through tough times. Of course, I will help if maybe someone was diagnosed with cancer in their family and comfort them, but if they have done something (like over-dose of drugs or texting while driving) I will ignore their issues, as they are entirely self-caused.

Opportunities: Competition band, animation by using Adobe Flash CC, and going to an open house for the high-school I want to go to (Allied Health).

Threats: Competition. Vocational schools will only accept two people from Barkalow per school, meaning I have a very slight chance of making it in. Also, some people might be better and playing musical instruments than me, making me not get into certain honors band programs.

The Future

In the end, I feel I will be very successful. By the age of 25 I will have gone to medical school and will have developed a new type of revolutionary medicine, possibly one that cures cancer or the common cold. I will have a family and a cat, I will be wealthy enough to support my family, and will (hopefully) no longer have a student loan or mortgage to pay off.