All About Alice Coachman

She is the most influential female athlete.


In 1948 at the London Olympics Alice Coachman became the first black woman to win a gold metal. When Alice was in middle school she ran track with an all boy team.

She still did it

in 1923 where she lived in the south and there was segregation she could not access athletic training.


While at London Olympics Alice Coachman had an back injury and still jumped 5 feet 611 8 inches in 1960.

Aww that's sad

"Still, Alice's feet tingled. One dream hung in the sky. She wanted an gold medal, but World War 2 was ranging," according to Touch the Sky Alice Coachman, Olympic High Jumper.


When she was on the road it was segregation so they could not live n the road easy.


Alice Coachman's dad at the beginning did not want her running he told her she needs to sit down and be a lady. Her mother wanted her to be a mother with lots of kids and a house wife Her mother had Alice's mother had 10 kids. Alice Coachman's teacher was the person who introduced her to high jumping.


  2. Touch the sky Alice Coachman Olympic High Jumper
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