Two Custom Made Games Up For Beta!

Games made from a school computer to the world, for FREE!

These Custom Games Are Ready To Test And Play For The World!

Two custom games are ready to play and are up for Beta. These games were made by the epic game designer and animator, Matty, who has made previous games in the past. All you need is the free software to make the game run. Just go to the website below, click the download link, and click install!

Game 1- The Cannon Catastrophe- You start as a Bike. The Kodu town is in danger as the Cannon boss and his sputniks are destroying the town! Destroy them all and gain points!

Game 2- Apple Bobbing- The Kodu's apples have all fell out the basket, and the sputniks are taking them! Find all 10 apples, defeat the sputniks and gain points as you move to each apple field!

This is the Cannon boss in game 1.

For sale for free. And it will always be.

This is the Kodu you have to help in Game 2.

This Game Is Guaranteed To Be An Epic, Fun Game That Anyone Can Play!

Where They Are Made!

Rated 7+ For The Following:

Small Amount Of Violence

Online Play