Intrinsically Safe Cameras


Excellent Intrinsically Safe Cameras from Bergeng.Com

The Toughpix 2301xp explosion proof advanced camera is the latest launch from Bergeng.Com. It will be affirmed for picture taking within a Zone 1 LIC T4 perilous (dangerous) zone. Joining an installed, completely programmed flash streak and red-eye diminishment, Toughpix 2302xp can catch still pictures in great, low light circumstances with the touch from a bind.

These cameras have a very rough IP54 outline which consolidates still and moving picture catch ability. Another model, Toughpix 2303xp, empowers documentation of gear and procedures inside possibly unstable ranges effortlessly and rapidly with substantial, simple access controls permitting operation when wearing defensive apparel.

Still motion and pictures pictures may very well be inspected to the armoured LCD screen spotted at the back of the Polaroid, even just in the area. With locally available memory limit of 4GB, Toughpix Explosion Proof Cameras can store many pictures.

The Toughpix Intrinsically Safe Cameras is supplied with Certified Digicam, removable/rechargeable electric cell pack, charging station, electric mains charger, USB correspondence wand, battery evacuation instrument, wrist Strap and documentation CD.

The cameras come with 4GB storage with good speed USB transfer. The resolution is 5px with an optical zoom of 6x. The body consists of anodised aluminium with armoured glass lens and LCD. Battery is rechargeable, along with a capacity of 1100 mAH. The red-eye diminishment feature is in addition incorporated with your camera. It weighs 1.5kg and it has a screen size of 2.4 inches. Interested buyers can observe the cameras within the official website of Bergeng. By going to the “Intrinsically Safe/Explosion Proof” section of the website, they can view the products.

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