Ryan Sullivan

Expansion in America

During this unit we have talked about the many ways that America has expanded!!!!!!

OU: Sociological, political and economic expansion is essential in current and past societies.

This overarching understanding means that, Sociological, political and economics are the main factors in expanding. The sociological part of it means that more and more immigrants have migrated to the Americas for new and better land which expanded that U.S very much. The Political part of the expansion means that the government has expanded because more and more states are joining the union. And last but not least the Economic part of it is because the increase of goods and services produced by an economy over time. All of these factors have resulted in the U.S expanding.

How does expansion impact society?

Society impacts expansion very much because of the high population. When a country grows a larger population they have to build more factories, buildings, restaurants, ect. Higher population could be a good and bad thing. It could be good because we could all come together and create new things or have more population votes. The cons about having high population is pollution. Pollution happens when people start building factories and stuff that could pollute the air. Another factor of high population is loss of land, when more and more people come the U.S people lose major land in order to have room for the new comers.

What do a nation’s policies reveal about their values?

Different nation's have different values. In Americas expansion there was many different many different policies during the years. When we had these policies it revealed what we value in America in the ways that we might make a law about the things that we do not agree with or might make a policy about the things that we value.

How might leadership decisions be viewed from different perspectives?

Leadership decisions can be viewed from many different standpoints. Some people might disagree totally with someone decided. And some can very much agree with what they decided. During the time that America was expanding, there was a lot of decisions that needed to be made. In a big country like this it is pretty much impossible to plese everyone with the decision you have made. That is why it is very important that if you take a leading role be careful what you decide.