The Week Ahead in 3-215

October 5th, 2015

A Busy September!

As September ended last week, the students and I brainstormed all the things we learned about. It was quite a list! In September...

-we did the Marshmallow Challenge to learn about perseverance & teamwork

-we created our SeeSaw digital portfolios and began putting in entries

-we began our blogs on Kidblog

-we created shelves for what we read on Bibilionasium

-we learned multiplication and division

-we learned about the Commutative Property of Multiplication

-we did the #whippediatricchallenge with our school!

-we tweeted from our class Twitter account, connecting with authors Ame Dyckman and Melissa Stewart

-we personalized our writer's notebooks and began collecting ideas for pieces we could write.

-we learned about sound-alike words, closed syllables, and closed syllable exceptions

-we used Voxer to connect with another third grade class, giving each other clues about the state we each live in. (Mrs. Werner's class lives in Wisconsin! We will connect with them this month for The Global Read Aloud Project!)

-we celebrated International Dot Day and talked about making our mark on the world!

-we learned about Class Dojo and opened up the Dojo store in the classroom.

-we learned about Marble Theory of Intelligence and how we all have gifts.

-we learned the character trait "Respect" and read Only One You

-we learned about different genres and started our 40 Book Challenge!

With such a great start to the year, I can't wait to see what October brings!

The 40 Book Challenge!

Reading Across Genres!

The 40 Book Challenge was introduced to the students last week as an ongoing personal challenge to read books from many different genres, including mysteries, fantasies, traditional literature (fairy tales and folktales), realistic fiction, biographies, and informational books. This challenge was created by Donalyn Miller, a teacher and author who has done great work helping students learn to love reading. I am also taking part in this challenge to show students that I am right there with them, pushing myself to read different genres and try new books! I will be reading children's literature for this challenge. My first book, which I am half-way through, is called The Year of the Book by Andrea Cheng (realistic fiction). Why not try to take the challenge along with your child too?
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Times Tables: Multiply with 7, Distributive Property

The Distributive Property of Multiplication

The video above will explain a bit about the Distributive Property. You can find this and other videos about math on our class webpage, under 3rd grade Mathematicians.

Parent University- A Parent's Guide to Writing Workshop

I am excited to be leading a session on Writing Workshop for grades 3-5 at Parent University on October 22nd. In this session, you will get a first-hand look at what writers do! (Bring a pen because YOU will be writing!) I hope you will be able to make it! There are many wonderful workshops to attend. Click on the link above to register and see all the possibilities! I hope to see you there.

This week...

- We will start the Global Read Aloud Project! Our class will be listening to the book Fish in a Tree, read aloud by Mrs. Sokolowski. Students will be discussing plot, setting, characters, themes and ideas and learn how to write about their reading as we share this book together.

-In Math, students will continue the study of multiplication and division and learn about the distributive property.

-In Word Study, students will explore the meanings of different suffixes.

-In Social Studies, students will continue learning about geography and map skills.

-In Writing Workshop, we will begin our study of personal narratives.

-We will be learning about "close reading" and continue working on engagement and stamina as we read our own independent books.

-We will have an assembly on fire safety later in the week.

Coming Soon: Spirit Week! (10/13-10/16)

Character Award for Respect: Layla

Congratulations to Layla for showing such great character and receiving this month's award for Respect! Our new trait for October is "Courage."