The Killer Whale

Made by: R.B.

Description Of The Killer Whale

Unusual Characteristics:

  • Killer Whales are the biggest members of the Dolphins family
  • It is one of the fastest marine animals
  • Large Dorsal Fins, up to 2 meters tall


  • It is a mammal
  • It is an Orcinus Orca, referred to the Orca Whale or Killer Whale
  • Part if the Oceanic Dolphin family


  • Height of males and female is not measured
  • Length of males is 6-8 meters, females is 5-7 meters
  • Weight of males is 6 tonnes, females is 3-4 tonnes


  • Three sounds; clicks, whistles, and pulsed calls
  • Clicks are for navigation and discriminating prey
  • Members of the same pod use similar calls

Food Chain and Habitat

Food Sources:
  • All marine animals, prefers different animals in different regions
  • Eats herring in near Norway and Greenland
  • Eats salmon mostly everywhere else

Terrain: Fish

  • Lives in all oceans and most seas
  • Prefer coastal waters and cooler regions
  • Usually has half a brain sleeping and the other half awake


  • It is predator to all and prey to none
  • It is the top hunter
  • It is a carnivore


Abilities and Adaptations:

  • Can swim up to 30 miles per hour for a couple of seconds
  • Blubber makes swimming easier
  • Can ride ocean swells


  • Over a hundred teeth
  • Eyes on the side of the head
  • Heavy and robust body


  • Moves at 2-30 miles per hour
  • Does not migrate, but found all over the world
  • Does not hibernate

Reasons For Endangerment


  • Loss of its natural habitat
  • Loss of food skyrockets
  • Some fisherman accidentally kill them