Country Takes Over

By: Gabe Jones

First Black Country Singer to Hit #1 on the Charts

Do you really know Darius Rucker? He is a solo country singer that you might know him because he was the singer to the Hootie and the Blow Fish. He is married to Beth Leonard and they have three children know Daniella, Caroline, and Jack. His daughter Caroline was named after his mother Carolyn Rucker. Also he shares his love for golf with his good friend Tiger Woods.

Darius says that his favorite room in his house is his man cave with his six flat screen TV's with forty two being the smallest and seventy being the biggest. He says it's good for watching his favorite sport golf!

In 1986 they came up with the name Hootie and the Blowfish after two USC classmates. The band played rock music up till 2008 when the band broke up and Darius left the band and went solo as a country artist. He is present even today as a country singer.

The Good Things about The South

Would you want to visit where your favorite country singer life was started.Darius Rucker was born in Charleston South Carolina. The composer George Gergwin composed his well known opera Pogy and Sess. Also the first public college was started here also, the first shot in the Civil War was there. First museum was started there the Charleston Museum was founded in 1773.

South Carolina entered the union in May 23, 1788. South Carolina is the nations leading peach producer and shipper east of the Mississippi. The cities first baseball team was the seagulls, established in 1886 and now called the Charleston River dogs. Part owner and director Bill Muray.

Darius Rucker concert

Thursday, May 7th, 7pm

2001 Radford Road

Dubuque, IA

Concert with all of Darius's songs and with a free buffet and with a surprise ending with it will go from 7 o'clock till midnight!!!!


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