You Drink You Stink

The negative effects of alcohol


A serious disease that is a big problem around the world. Someone with alcoholism is a bad reputation for children and teens in the alcoholics family. It affects the person in many ways. Below are some of them.

Impaired Judgement

People with alcoholism often have a impaired judgement with lots of false confidence, believing that they could drive and do other things perfectly while under the influence. They also might be offensive and rude while they are the complete opposite when sober. Their whole decision making is affected by the alcohol and they may also get false confidence thinking they could do anything

Muscle control

Alcohol affects the brain and muscles largely. Taking in large amounts or too much alcohol can cause the alcoholics to lose their control of their muscles causing many accidents and problems in their lives. They can lose their jobs and separate from family because they can't drive let alone walk.

Cirrhosis of the liver

Excessive drinking can over time cause cirrhosis to the liver. This is when the tissue on the liver gets wrinkled and scarred causing it to slow down. this could be very bad or even fatal. If a alcoholic is working his liver more and more, over time it will get cirrhosis. this could lead to death because the liver wouldn't be able to filter the alcohol

A site for alcoholics can help addicts get better and leave alcohol behind

Matthew Petrovich Odd TB B