Chapter 12: Technology and Learning

Enabling or Subverting

What technology deserves significant school attention, and who should decide?

Digital literacy is less about tools and more about thinking.
-New Media Consortium (2011)
When computers are integrated into the flow of classroom action, qualitative transformation occurs regarding the ways teachers teach and students learn.
-Angeli (2008)

*Technology is transformative. It changes as it is used, and it changes who uses it.
*Teaching and learning are changing as a result of technology.

*Technology demonstrates daily its practical value in classroom instruction, teacher and student research, improved school design and operation, increasing student interest and teacher scope and interlinking the school & the globe.

* In education, technology has the potential to reconstruct what we normally think of as schooling, learning and teaching.

*Current children have a unique relationship with technology due to being immersed in media and gadgets
* Smith (2011) finds that cell phone owners under age 24 send 109.5 text messages per day

More than Just Teacher Gimmicks

*Technological knowledge itself is fundamental and should be deeply incorporated into the main courses of study in schools.
* The teacher's role has changed from "sage on the stage" to "guide on the side"
*Technology is knowledge, but it also a major means to learning and to developing improved knowledge
*Learning as well as teaching is enabled by technology.
*Integrating technology into instruction seamlessly is an important teacher task, transforming classrooms and education.

*Tamin (2011) conducted a meta-analysis of many studies of the impact of technology on learning conducted over a 40 year period and found that using technology in instruction produced gains in student learning over instruction that does NOT include technology.
*Gains were better for when technology was used to support the teacher than when technology is used alone.

How can you incorporate more technology in your classroom/teaching?

Where do you stand?

Is technology enabling or subverting?
21st Century Education